What are the airport taxes in the price of the plane ticket?

The price of the air ticket includes several fees or airport taxes, which are added to the ticket’s starting value. What are they? SAV.flights enlightens you.

All passengers pay airport taxes and fees. They are part of the price of the plane ticket you buy and differ depending on the country and the airport you are flying from. For example, they are intended to finance the maintenance of airports, the security of take-off and landing runways and the preservation of the environment. Airport taxes are associated with different codes.

– The YQ Tax

The most important, is perceived by the airline to offset increases in the price of oil.

– The QW tax

Or passenger fee, is affected by airports. Its purpose is to finance the investments related to the operation of the terminals. It carries the code « QW » for domestic flights and « QX » for international flights.

These latter taxes are applied in all European countries. Others concern only France.

– The FR tax, or civil aviation tax

It is collected by the State and finances the operation of the civil aviation administration (DGAC) and regional planning.

– XT tax, or environment safety tax

It is also paid to the state. It finances security and safety measures at airports (baggage and passenger screening, fire protection). It is paid to the managing bodies of the airports.

– The IZ tax, or solidarity tax

Also known as the « Chirac tax », it came into effect on July 1, 2006 and provides funding for health programs around the world to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. It applies in France and in the countries participating in the Unitaid program such as Cameroon, Chile or South Korea.

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